PCOD/PCOS Symptoms, Cause and Treatment

While the data says that in India only 10-15% of the women of the reproductive age get PCOS. In reality, if you ask women especially in their adolescent age and when they enter the adulthood, the number of women raising their hands to the question ‘whether they have PCOS or PCOD would prove this data wrong in a second.

The causes which contribute to this syndrome or disease are many and there is no exact cause of this problem. On top of that, even though many online websites states multiple cures for this issue, there is actually no complete cure for this.

However, the good news is that you can control this efficiently with the proper lifestyle and medication.Let us see the different probable reasons for PCOD –


PCOS or PCOD and weight have one of the most confusing relationships in this world. While most of the doctors will tell you to reduce weight to control your PCOD/PCOS, there are women who are slim and even thin who have PCOS too.

However, the percentage of obese women having this issue is more as with weight gain above a healthy level reduces insulin resistance, put pressure on ovaries and changes hormone levels as well, and all this can lead to PCOS.


PCOS have become common in today’s generation and the reason is being excess of dependency on junk, spicy or oily food and limited consumption of healthy food.

On top of that, the physical work of women has also reduced as you have mixer grinder, microwave oven, packaged food, and spices! Women who are working outside mostly have an office job where again there is no physical activity. So, all these combine together to assist PCOS to happen.


This is a killer in PCOS. Once, I was diagnosed with this syndrome, the doctor who was examining me for ultrasonography asked me ‘Do you have any major stress in Life?’I was quite for some time and then said yes I do regarding my mother’s health.

She then told me ‘you are too young and you must reduce your stress level otherwise no medicine will work on you.’

That day I realized PCOS has a direct connection with stress level as it spins your hormones which lead to this problem.

Hormonal Issues

If you have been diagnosed with PCOS, then hormonal test is a must. Hormones actually control our fertility cycle and thus when these hormones become unstable in our body, it might lead to PCOS.

Thus, doctors check for various fertility-related hormones levels when you have problems with your menstrual cycle.

Family History

Studies have shown if you have mother or sister with PCOS, the chances of getting PCOS increases more than fifty percent in your case.

It is similar to Type II of diabetes and even if you or family member have this type of diabetes, the chances of having PCOS increases as well. Though it is not a single gene that causes this problem but a complex genetic phenomenon which can lead to this.

How to manage your PCOS/PCOD

PCOS can be real trouble in a woman’s life as it creates a problem with her fertility, alters insulin resistance, facial hair and body hairs can be another trouble and controlling and reducing weight can be really tough.


You can check all the symptoms and related issues with proper knowledge of PCOS.

Change in Lifestyle

The most important thing you need to do to manage your PCOS is to take full control of your lifestyle. It comprises reducing your stress level and living a happy and cheerful life to eating healthy food and giving up fast and oily food (at least on a regular basis).

Physical activity is a must for women with PCOS as it helps in controlling weight and retaining normal hormone levels.


The medications are prescribed to the lady when PCOS is in an advanced stage or in the pre-advance stage where the women get irregular period cycles and to control the same, only medicine that works in PCOS is birth control pills. Other than birth control pills, only diabetic medicines are prescribed during medication.

Fertility Treatment

In case the woman with PCOS having trouble in conceiving a child, doctors prescribe fertility drugs to control the hormonal levels and to regularize the ovulation process. If the medicine is not enough for fertilization, then IVF or In-vitro fertilization or insemination is the way how a couple can conceive.


Hence, PCOS is disturbing women across the country without any age group, and thus, it is time that you take care of yourself and your loved ones and spread the awareness and choose a healthy lifestyle.

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