Why Women Fitness is Important

Home is where mom is a very popular saying and most of the people believe in this quote. A house becomes a home, a favourite spot, a place to relax when there is an atmosphere of love and care. In most cases, that atmosphere is built by the women of the house and you know it is not an easy task.

They need to take care of every single need of every member of the house as well as put efforts to make it a better place. A wife has to make sure her husband gets food on time, reaches office in time and gets every possible medium to relax when he gets back after a tiring day. A mother has bigger responsibilities.


Similarly, in the role of a sister or daughter, a woman needs to take up many responsibilities at a time. Being one of the best creations of God women are gifted with the ability to multitask. But in most cases, we see that all the tasks listed as “to be done today” is either for their children or spouse or other family member or the household itself.

There is hardly any task named workout session which can enhance their fitness. Therefore women fitness is a topic of importance and should be discussed more often.

What is Fitness?

Most of the people confuse fitness with being in good shape and getting a figure similar to the model on the cover page of a fashion magazine. The truth is fitness varies from person to person and depends on your body type.

Therefore even if you are not super slim you can be fit provided your body has the capacity to endure hardship. Being fit is directly related to building your core and strengthening it with time.


A nice example of fitness for daily office goers is that if you are fit you will be able to walk up the stairs of your office till the 5th floor without getting tired quickly and panting heavily.

If you are fit you will no longer crave for the lift to appear. Also being fit will ensure that your body will be able to fight any form of illness. But unfortunately, fitness, especially in case of women, is one very neglected topic which when addressed later on is either too late or will not affect anymore. Therefore it is better to start early and be aware.

Why is Women`s Fitness is Important

Without going for any gender discrimination it can be united concluded that women fitness is of utmost importance because of the following reasons:-

Women being the foundation of the house need to do a lot of household chore every day without a break.Even if the woman if a working person still they have to get into some form of a household job. Therefore their fitness is very important.

A woman has the responsibility of motherhood because that is how God has designed our body. Women are capable of carrying a baby for nine months and then give birth to him/her. Therefore being fit is important both for the mother as well as for the child.

With age and when the menstrual cycle stops a woman body goes through various changes which are highly influenced by hormones. You may gain weight abnormally or see your body get weaker. But if you are fit and well aware of your fitness then you will be able to face and handle these issues easily.

Some Popular Fitness Tips for Women 

Eat healthy stay healthy. If your core is weak you will not be fit even after going to the gym 7 days a week. Do not go for crash dieting as it will actually harm your body.Spend some quality time with yourself. Though it may seem lame it is important to have a fit mind to support a fit body.

You can try meditation or yoga for a better result. Or simply practising your hobby can help relax your mind. Do keep your body accustomed to some form of daily exercise. If you suddenly start incorporating exercise for long hours in your routine there is a high chance of getting a cramp or sprain and get badly hurt.

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