How to Make Your Tweet Go Viral

Twitter is like a one big worldwide chat room, where everyone can share his or her views with others. If you have a twitter account, you can connect or have a conversation with almost anyone from anywhere in the world having a twitter account.

Sometimes when any post goes viral more often it gets help from Twitter. Sometimes it even gets starts on Twitter then explodes from there and become viral. Newsworthy content immediately becomes viral on Twitter, so it is a highly recommended tool for viral campaigns.

You don’t always need millions of follower for the viral post, all you need is the right type of content and initial push from those first few retweets and favourites to get your post viral momentum going on.

Here are some useful tips that you might find useful to get a more exposure from Twitter.

Tweet About Newsworthy Topics

People always love to favourite and retweet those tweets which are newsworthy. Topics like politics, weather, current holidays or scientific studies always get attention from most of the people.

If you can create contents which can attract more attention from Twitter can do wonders for your post and business. But keep in mind that creating content related to news for your own gain can look greedy, out of bad taste and sometimes backfires.

Build an Authentic Following

You must focus your time and energy on attracting followers who are genuinely interested in your tweets. This means your focus should be on the quality rather than the number of your followers.

By having genuine followers there is a better chance at getting a tweet to go viral if you have real, genuine followers made of real people as opposed to 1000 unengaged followers with automated accounts.

Remember that your tweets and your overall presence on Twitter should be interesting and exciting to attract genuine followers. So consider strategies other than just the follow back everyone who follows your strategy.

Tweet About Trending Topics

Tweet about trending topics is just like tweeting about the news. Most of the times the news is integrated with the trending topics displayed on the sidebar on Twitter.

By adding popular hashtags and trending phrases to your tweets can get you more exposure. Although this definitely doesn’t guarantee that your stuff will get shared and become viral, still it is a good way to start.


Pay Attention to Timing of Tweet

If you tweet at 2 a.m in the morning there are more chances that your tweet is not going to get much interaction although it’s a newsworthy and great tweet.

So try to tweet during peak hours of the day. Normally peak Twitter traffic hours usually start at about at 9 a.m, 12 to 1 p.m or around 4 to 5 pm every day.

If you are busy during those specific timeslots, you can use a social media application tool to schedule your tweets at the specific time and have them sent out for you during those timeslots automatically.

Try to be Different

There are a lot of copycats on Twitter who use the same strategy to grow followers. They ask followers to retweets and follow everyone back who follows them. In reality, sometimes being different from others is the best strategy that actually no one or very few people are using.

Check out some of great Twitter parody accounts. Most of these accounts have managed to go viral just by integrating some witty humour into their tweets. Humour and entertainment is a big hit on Twitter, so if you manage that to your own advantage, you can be able to attract lots of interaction and followers without doing too much work on your end.

Always Strive to Add Value

Your tweets need to be informative, useful and generally add value to your followers. If you just spam them with same boring content, you won’t get any retweets and can hardly attract any followers.

Moreover, someone will report your account and your account can be suspended. So try to tweet stuff that people find useful and it should be relevant to them.

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