Best Tips For Long Distance Relationship

The idea of a long-distance relationship brings along a chill even in this tech-savvy era. If by any chance, you are in such a relationship, the only response to this adage – “distance makes the heart grow fonder”.

Saying that does not mean reuniting with your partner after a month or two of glitchy emoji-laden sexts and video calls is great. However, how does it feel if you have to separate again after a few days? Is not it true that the fondness created through long-distance relationship cannot erase how shitty it feels to bid adieu again and again?

However, there are some ways to make long-distance relationships suck less. These ways might even make you feel good. if the above-said proverb can be retroactively edited for correctness, it will continue … as long as you would communicate properly and adhere to the visiting plan. Ensuring that LDR lasts long, you both need to put in efforts. Here we bring to you time-tested hacks to keep your LDR running smooth.

Don’t give up until you try it

Is it so that the moment you hear the term “long-distance relationship” alarms go off in your head warning you about the future? Well, calm down for a second. Whether you have given long-distance relationship a chance or tried it and failed it already, you might not be even aware of your ability to thrive in distant love.

You might not be even aware that both of you are capable of making this bond lasting. Just keep an open mind. In case you meet your partner and they live somewhere else, it might be possible than you think to have a thriving and successful relationship across county areas.

Be prepared to have an end

Saying that might be the key to understand the concept of LDR. Diving into a long-distance relationship without having any plan when you can live together is like jumping into a sea without knowing how to swim. The thumb rule to get into a long-distance relationship is to know how long it is going to be long-distance. It is often that people jump into LDR before discussing when they will come together again and who will be the one to make that move.

As you start the LDR and discuss the logistics of going the distance, it is important to think on all aspects, including what it would mean to live together again – would that mean going away from ageing parents, or would someone might have to give up the dream job, or uproot their life in a way that might lead to resentment? Make sure you have a game plan before taking the next step.


Pull up your socks for a rocky first year

One of the biggest problems in long-distance relationships is the way people underestimate how difficult it is to even make a move, especially like an adult. If you are the one who does not move, be understanding as possible about all the changes your soulmate is about to go through – like moving into a new place, finding their comfort spots in the new place and making new friends.

You have to be grateful and empathetic that the other person made this move for you and have to go beyond and above to help that transition.

Stick to the planned schedule

There are many people who do go by the calendar. If so is the case with you then it’s time make some changes. Unless you both know when you are going to see each other next time, you might not be able to make the most of this relationship. Equally important is to set aside time for a video call or phone call as often as you two can spare out time – once a week, every day, every six hours, whatever you are comfortable with.

You have to be fastidious about the time you talk to each other. If you know when you will see each other and when you can make quality phone calls, the long-distance relationship would feel a lot shorter.


Spending quality time together matters

Some people put in obsessive efforts to stay in constant contact. This is not the idea of a long-distance relationship. Important is to have conversations that are rich and meaningful. You do not have the time to grab a meal together or go for a movie or sit and discuss things so you have to take out time for focussed conversation. Those meaningful and deeper conversations help you feel better and closer rather than just playing text ping pong when you are both at work.

Do not overbook your visits

Long-distance relationships are not bad. Just imagine – visiting a person you love the most in a new city is fun and creates several opportunities to experience new and fresh things together. Make sure you do spend time exploring new places, however, spending the first day or two of every visit just hanging and at home is crucial. You can then spend the rest of the time in seeing new places, visiting restaurants and enjoying the nightlife.

Perfection is not the idea of every visit of yours

It is very much possible, and in fact inevitable that plans you make might get ruined because someone gets sick or something unexpected happens. Well, just because you are in an LDR does not mean you will not face troubles of issues of regular relationships. As I said above, plans will do get ruined because of some or the other thing.

Nothing to worry. That’s perfectly okay. It is the regular stuff that occurs in every relationship. The key to deal with any such situation is to accept that certain issues are common and do happen in a relationship, and you are not an exception. Just deal with it as if you two would have lived together. Otherwise, you will damage your relationship by putting an unfair amount of pressure on each other.

So, before embarking on a Long Distance Relationship, do think about these tips as they can make a difference to your love and fondness for each other.

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