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Tips to Reduce Stress


Stress Management Secrets

Life is not a bed of roses, everyone has its shares of ups and downs. However, for women, they have to deal with more stress than anyone else.

Be it a sick child at home or meeting deadlines at the office, maintaining a relationship with the better half or to prove calibre at the workplace while maintaining household chores, to name a few are a part of a modern-day women’s lives.

This along with being a family’s party planner and chauffeur to your kid’s dance practice. Life, for sure, is not easy. With so much to do and achieve, stress crops-up making the situation difficult. You must remember that Stress is a normal part of life, but how you handle that stress can have major implications on your health in the long-term.

How Stress Impacts the Body

Stress can negatively impact your health and people who experience stress are more often complaint of anxiety, stomach problem, headaches and decreased productivity. Stress can also affect memory and you are more likely to forget things and perform worse on cognitive tasks.

It is healthy to have stress in our lives and that means we have a challenge in our lives, but we have to be aware of how we respond to these challenges.

Try these simple tips for managing stress and improving your mood

Indulge in exercise

If possible spare few minutes every day for exercise and physical activity. Exercising is good for the body and mind.


If you know that your day is going to be busy and stressful then try to schedule a workout in that morning. Otherwise, on normal days after work make a point to go to the gym in the evening or work out at home.

Set Your Own Priorities and Learn to Say NO

Women are the most amazing creation of God, they are born efficient multitaskers. However, it is quite often that the toll is heavy with so many tasks to be accomplished and completed at the same time.

This normally happens when women accommodating multiple requests at the same time. When you are in a situation like this and stress, make sure to prioritize things according to time and learn the art of saying NO.

Pamper Yourself

You truly deserve this, as you might be already aware that achieving success and new milestones in life are possible only if you are at your best, both emotionally and physically. You cannot give your hundred percent at work or with your kids if you are not fit and relaxed.

Taking care of yourself is extremely important, so it is very important to pamper yourself. Schedule an appointment at a nearby spa or salon and treat yourself to facials, body massage and spa. You not only feel rejuvenated but also feel very relaxed.

Count Your Blessings

Being grateful can help calm you down. Research shows that people who focused on feeling grateful at bedtime were less worried and anxious than others and can have better sleep. Other than this to improve your mood while sleeping every night you must make a list of five things for which you’re grateful no matter how small they are.

Sleep Tight

This is something all women lack. Sound sleep not only boosts mood but also empowers to deal with daily challenges more effectively.


Avoid intake of caffeine in the late afternoon and if possible wind down your work at least two hours before hitting the bed. Recent studies and research indicate that the use of mobile phones can ruin sleep routine. So make sure you shut off your devices at least two hours before retiring for the day.

The bottom line is that a few efforts can help you keeping stress at bay, even if not totally.

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