Simple Fashion and Lifestyle Tips That Can Change Your Life

How Changing Style Can Change Your Life

Change in Lifestyle and  Fashion with Time

If we look back a few decades we can notice many changes from the present that include the absence of various technologies and the benefits that human race draws from it. Till a few decades ago there is less or no high rise buildings, no fast cars, less pollution and obviously no computers.

Seems like we have made a lot of progress but can you think about few things in which there is no improvement but only changes? Yes, it is Lifestyle and Fashion.

With every passing decade, we can see a vivid change in fashion and lifestyle. The fashion sense of 70`s people is very different from the peoples of 80`s. This change and difference in fashion statement have been prominent ever since.


There is no saying that today’s fashion and lifestyle is better than of early days because we have seen fashion trends being like ocean waves. They go and come back with time and therefore it is rightly said that fashion never gets old, only it just changes and makes way for new trends.

You know in present times who is the most affected by and conscious about lifestyle and fashion? Women`s of course!! No doubt men are catching up fast but still, they have a long way to go before they build the same passion that women have for fashion and lifestyle.

Attachment of Women with Fashion and Lifestyle

For a women fashion and lifestyle is what cars and sports for men. Maybe we can say women are more attached and passionate as compare to men. It is not a matter of gender but somehow women are the ones who have a better understanding of fashion.

Also, they have this sense of how to look beautiful while they mix and match with different fashionable items. But what most women confuse is what they think that following the latest fashion trend is what makes them fashionable.

The answer is no, then the real question arises as what really fashion is?

What is Fashion

Fashion is a statement that holds your uniqueness and enhances your inner beauty. Your fashion statement and lifestyle choice may be different from others but it is what makes you who you are.

Your fashion speaks for yourself and makes you confident. It makes you stand out from the crowd. Fashion trends may change but your fashion and lifestyle will only change when you want it to.

In present times fashion starts from clothing, shoes and purses to different pieces of jewellery and accessories and with the availability of different world-class brands at nearby stores, fashion sense has crossed the next level.

Fashion and Lifestyle Tips That Can Change Your Life

It is said that people judge your fashion sense on the basis of the clothing you wear on a particular occasion. Even if you are not interested in people’s opinion dressing up for an occasion can never be boring.


If it is a normal office day and not a weekend it is wise to wear single pastel shades in soothing colours. More importantly, choose a fabric for your formals as per the weather which will keep your body comfortable as you have to be in that clothing for long hours at a stretch.

For weekend office day you can switch to an informal dress which is apt for the office environment with a dash of colour to set the mood for a Friday party or a long drive.

Office Party

It is always confusing as what to wear for an office party as it is a party but again your boss will be there who is supposedly a very serious person. It is a client welcome party then opt for western dresses in your favourite colour.

You can add a bit of glitter to your accessories to bring out the funky side of your natures. For the inauguration of new office premises, traditional clothes can do justice.


For a wedding, you get the freedom to dress up as you like in your favourite attire with the liberty to style like a diva with all the glitter in your makeup kit. In weddings along with dress do choose the accessories wisely as they will eventually compliment your beauty.

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