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My life has always been a roller coaster ride since kindergarten. I am not a known person like a celeb or something. But, I still believe I am an influencer, because I believe I can influence the people I live around.

I have been reading so many quotes and listening so much about women empowerment, social issues, up liftment and everything. And this is the time that during my career where I am now a Lecturer, Social Media Influencer and Co-founder at Content Wordsmiths. I have finally realized what Katharine Hepburn once famously said “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun”

So I have been doing this all these years of growing up in life and career. We live in a society where there is a hypothetical book of laws or norms that are supposed to be followed by the people who live in. These laws are very strict when they are imposed on a girl, a lady or a woman.

Luckily I have grown up in a home which is far away from the societal pressure of choosing a career, a job, an adventure, a colour, a religion, making any financial decision or even the choice of getting married. But, not every house or family in our world functions like this. We are more into the race of ”What if they say? What will they think? What will they do?”

Who are they?

They are among us, they are us and they are around us. It’s nothing but our own conscience which forces us to practice something which will make others happy, because-We are WOMEN and Women are supposed to be within a boundary of their life canvas.

My life has been from schooling till college I used to dream of being in an MNC which I achieved, then I tried being a trainer, then a lecturer and then a social media figure. These decisions have always been mine, so whenever I experience success or failure I do not blame the society or friends or family, IT IS ME who took these decisions and YES I WILL BEAR THE RESULTS.

How to empower within?

This is the question which I usually get from the women around me, who work with me, who follow me. And my response is quite trendy to it- “Never Say Never”. What I feel that teaching or schooling empowerment should not be realized as a responsibility but something which is natural, within you.

In my life, I have never been taught that-” You have to lead, you have to fight, you have to prove”. Why prove your name, when it’s your name? prove your gender, when it is naturally yours? Why lead your existence, when you exist? You are a human being just like others and you have every right for your existence.

So, the simple motto in the life of Justin Bieber’s song- Never Say Never is what you should go with.

Life choices and confusions

Talking about the choice we want to or we make for our life comes with a lot of confusions. We are very easy when we have to decide anything about anyone, but it when it comes to self- it becomes hardest.

This is the same case what we experience during interviews when asked: “Tell me something about yourself?” Which we don’t know how to answer. Why? Because whole-life we have been figuring out what others think, do, like or dislike. I know that not every woman is aware of the fact that they hold equal rights just like the men, because the living laws can be for a human and not for gender.

Now when it comes to making decisions, I always suggest to people who ask me- First, list the pros and cons in your mind about the decision you want to take Second, take the charge that whatever happens you take the responsibility last if you like it go for it.

These steps should be always prior in your mind. Do not fear about society, don’t be a people’s pleaser. You are responsible for your deeds, so if you want to be a writer, a director, a doctor, a teacher or an Entrepreneur, GO FOR IT. With all my experience so far I can say that “If your family is with you, no one can put you down. If God is with you, then no one can dare to”

There is nothing WRONG IN BEING A WOMAN, So nothing special for us. We are a part of the same world where men live. It’s the universe which shared by many, so we are not special either, nobody above or beneath. So treat yourself common and live the life on your terms without affecting it by “THEM”.

About The Author

Urvashi Saraswat

Urvashi Saraswat is a Co-founder of creative writer’s team at Content Wordsmiths, Lecturer, Social Media Influencer and Writer.She loves to play with words and their ranking over the internet-SEO major.

She has a good experience with digital advertising and technologies running around. She is an adventurous person with her interest in travelling and photography.

Her artistic vision towards life reflects in her work as she brings life in her work and personality with her writing and speech.

Work: www.contentwordsmiths.com

Candid Blog: https://toptrendingtalesbyurvashi-fashionandbeauty.com

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TopTrendingTalesbyUrvashi

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