Have you ever faced troubled in public places for the cause of the tantrum of your baby? That they kept lying on the floor and crying continuously in the market to buy them their favourite toys? I think yes, every parent face the situation at any age of their baby.

Know about tantrum

Dear Parents, Don’t be panic. It is quite normal for toddlers aged 1 to 4. Tantrums are just the uncontrolled behaviour of a kid. It may be shown in several shades like falling, keep lying, shouting, running uncontrollably, kicking something, throwing something etc. In short, children get aggressive for the tantrums happened to them.

The causes of a tantrum

Children of these stages are just growing and learning to express their feelings in a manner. In this stage, they don’t know about the ways of handling their emotions and expressing their demands. They are just learning these and trying to handle their emotions in their ways. Suppose they are demanding their expected things every time they see these despite the necessities.  You want to manage their demand but can’t do because of the unmanaged behaviour of them.

Tantrums may come for different reasons for different babies and a baby has several tantrum positions for every disliking factors to them. It may be for demanding some task or some material things, clash with other babies, feeling stressed for upcoming sickness or side effects of the medicine.


How to Manage the Tantrum of the Baby

Never react negatively rather feel their pain

Never scold your baby in the time of tantrum. It would make the situation worse. You have to handle with proper patience. And in this time their brain would have taken the control of all the process, they would never be able to take any of the negative behaviour from you.  This would help you in another way that in the future they will manage their behaviour in your directed way. Otherwise, they would also start to yell at others when they can’t see the ways in their manner.

Have extreme patience

Just give a hug and keep saying that you are aware of their words and grief. Just keep consoling them and must avoid your tantrum in that crucial time. Soft conversation and handling with love teach your children that as parents you can understand the anguish in them and you are trying to solve the problems.

Tantrum could never help them to succeed

Don’t meet the demand of seeing the tantrum because it would become the regular activities of them. Letting things and acts doing would leave also a bad impact on the baby. Suppose your baby is demanding an unnecessary thing in hyper mind, you just bought some things alike days before, and you don’t want to buy them again, then never buy them. Otherwise, it would be their regular strategy that tantrum makes things possible to happen in their way.

How to prevent a tantrum

Prevention of tantrum can be done on a level and according to the behavioural factor of your child. Sometimes some tantrums may happen for some insecurity, depression or stress for something.

Admire your child

Your child seeks attention from you. Sometimes the tantrum is seen for the negligence happened to them. They force you to pay attention to the tantrums if negligence happened.


Prevention of the tantrum events

Every child is different in creating tantrums. So as the parents you must know the situation of your child. Some child just shows the outburst during sharing the toys with the guests come. So in this time avoid giving toys to them just allow playing just without toys. Thus you can minimize the problems. And in the course of the time, it may reduce at a great level.


Observe your child closely that what the acts that he or she doesn’t like at all. Some acts irritate the child and you have to observe the acts and have to find the causes of this specific trait. Like, if your child tends to buy particular things quite often, then you should avoid going through these particular things.

Stress management

Tantrum mostly happens to hungry, distressed and tired babies. So try to reduce those stimulations to keep your baby free from the outburst.


You should manage the tantrum with love and affection. But this should be associated with proper teaching with honest behaviour and respect to others, means you should not obey all the demands during the tantrum of your children.

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