The world is full of mysterious places along with lots of weird stories. India occupies a large area with untold stories of many places. Some are normal, some seem to be paranormal. Let’s know about 4 mysterious villages of India that must surprise you.

Kodinhi Village in Kerala

At the entrance of Village Kodinhi, a board welcome people is Welcome to the God’s own Twins Village-Kodinhi. Have you ever heard about a village named Kodinhi in Malappuram in District of Kerala? It is the village where you can find lots of twin faces around you.

How would you feel when you see several pairs all around you? Among a population of 2000, there are 400 pairs of twins. The number is increasing and now it is high as 45 in 1000 births.


Many types of research in national and international context have been running through yet no causes are found for this phenomenon. The researchers thought about genes or air or water could be working behind that reason. They are studying by the sample of saliva and hair to test the DNA and find the true cause of so many twin faces.

Shetpal Village in Maharashtra

Worshipping of Snake is a very ancient phenomenon in India. This creature is directly related with their Lord Shiva in Hindu religion. They worship the snakes every day, it is one of the mandatory tasks of this village.

Another mandatory act is to keep a secured place for the guest Cobra or other snakes and offer food. The secured place is called Devasthan. If you go to any house and see a big cobra resting in a hollow or corner isolated place then no wonder, it is the regular practice of them.

If any person builds a new house he opts to keep a corner or hollow for the snakes. Human and snakes have a mutual friendship and no one does harm to others. The Cobra never hurts the human beings there, rather would save the villagers from any uneven mishaps.

Shani Shingnapur Village in Maharashtra

It is a small village in Maharashtra where Shani temple is stated. The most amazing fact is that you can never see any security there because people believe that their village has the blessings of Lord Shani and He protects all of them.


There is no door or lock-in houses, school and even the door of Bank is remained open while the assets are in lockers. Lord Shani Himself protects the property of them, this is the belief of them but the belief is as true for them as despite the openness there is no theft or any burgling happened by people.

In the past, those who were supposed to steal or rob anything; dreadful incidents occurred to them like blood vomiting, suffering or death in unknown disease. So nobody dared to do uneven activities and thus their belief came true with a powerful superstition.

Kuldhara Village in Rajasthan

You have to believe a little bit in the paranormal event to know about Kuldhara village stated in Rajasthan. It is completely abandoned as no lives can be seen here till now. Many years ago it was engrossed with Paliwal Brahmins who lived with the livelihood of agriculture.

It was believed that it was abandoned by its own villagers in their time to elope from the evil Diwan named Salim Singh. Salim Singh mistreated with the village people by his revelry act of collecting excess tax. Apparently, with the wrongest doing mentality he demanded the beautiful daughter of the village chief and told that if his demand is not accepted then the excise duty would be higher.


The village people convinced the guards to come on the next day and take the girl. Within that time all the villagers left the place beyond any notice, nobody could tell where they shifted or were they still alive! It was told that during leaving the village the pure Brahmins gave the curse to the village that no person could ever go and settle down there. The mystery is more acute here, that from then in real meaning no person could make their home there.

The village is fully abandoned. The place is barren totally where the people lived on agriculture. Rumours also are heard about weird shadows and voice that people feared off and left that place.

So, are you planning to go in any of these villages?

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