Women Entrepreneurship

As a kid, we were always told by our elder that if we dream big then only we will be able to live life king size, but as we grow up things change. Maturity makes us look at the world with a different point of view.

We tend to be less of a risk-taker and more of a stable life lover. Dreams take a backseat and financial security comes forth in our priority list. If you have a dream of being an entrepreneur and own a company, there is very less chance of you getting support from your family and friends when you present your idea to them.

Surprisingly the discouragement for the same increases manifold if you are a woman and in India. A large part of our society cannot accept the fact that women can be an entrepreneur and establish a career besides looking after a family. Maybe this is the reason, why there are very fewer women entrepreneurs in India.

The reasons which holdback women or make them believe that they will not make a good entrepreneur in life are as follows:-

Family Responsibilities

In our country, most women are made to feel like a burden or a delicate doll who cannot take risk or responsibilities outside the home. There are many micro-entrepreneurs out there but most of them cannot grow their business on a large scale because they are not motivated or encouraged to do the same.

They are rather asked to meet the financial need of the family and when it is done their capability to grow beyond is curbed stating that they have done enough.

Financial Dependence

Both in the field of manpower and finance, women face a huge challenge in meeting the resource requirement for their business as most women do not have financial independence.


Whenever employees hear about a woman boss they take their job lightly and showing less seriousness which affects the quality of product/service produced. This in return hinders the growth of the organization and growth of the lady as an entrepreneur who is working day and night to establish her here.

But the scenario is changing fast in the last few years where the Indian government is taking steps to motivate more and more women to emerge as successful entrepreneurs.

Star Women Entrepreneurs

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw Chairman and Managing Director, Biocon Limited
Vinita Bali, Managing Director of Britannia Industries Limited
Vandana Luthra, Entrepreneur and the founder of VLCC Health Care Ltd
  Ekta Kapoor, Joint Managing Director and Creative Director of Balaji Telefilms
Richa Kar, Digital Entrepreneur, Founder – Zivame Online Lingerie Store
Anisha Singh, Founder, CEO Mydala
   Shradha Sharma, Founder, CEO Yourstory

Therefore if you are a woman and want to be on the same path do read about them, set your goal and focus on achieving it.

If you are determined enough nothing in this world can stop you from being successful and fulfil your dreams.

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