Tips to stay alert and safe while using online dating websites and apps

The term internet is synonymous to the modern-day era. Dating websites and apps are gaining increasing popularity among college students and working professionals alike. For sure, these platforms have emerged as one of the best ways to connect with people. However, isn’t it true that meeting a stranger comes with own set of fears?

The stranger danger is something that you have to deal with while using such apps and websites. Also, with personal details more easily accessible than ever before, you may never get to know whom you are talking or chatting with.

The next time you are either meeting or swiping a match for the first time, abide by these steps to ensure your complete safety.

Be cautious and choosy while using the dating website or app

The best way to ensure safety is to use mainstream dating apps that are popular and owned by big and reputed companies. The main reason for making this choice is that if you face any issue and have to complain about the app or site, you know the steps you need to take.

Remember that dating websites and apps are for all, thus register with the one that provides maximum protection for your details. Saying that does not mean you will remain safe from non-trustworthy people but at least you know your details will remain safe.


Be cautious while sharing information

Technology can be bane too. When you update a post, your live location also goes online on a geotag. This means your details are shared voluntarily. You cannot control this. Saying you studied in New Jersey, were the oldest kids, and played badminton the entire life is one thing.

While this has become the habit of people to share everything they do, it can be dangerous too as it gives your information to the entire world. Telling you’re vacationing, the time and place of your workout and the neighbourhood where your parents live can be potentially dangerous. Sharing information can be easy and fun, but it can trigger perilous consequences. It is good to remain vague as long as you do not trust a person.

A background check can help

Not many women understand the significance of doing a quick background check. You might feel the exercise of playing a detective excessive, but isn’t it safe than sorry? Taking all necessary precautions before meeting a person from a dating site is important.

Many women know the significance of being careful before meeting these guys through dating apps and websites. Make sure the person you meet is the one he discussed with you. Googling background searches would bring to you plenty of options.

Without letting your date know about it, do run a background check and find out as much as information as possible about him. Being a detective can help you stay safe as you might be able to find important information about the person you are about to date.

Do not keep your plans hidden

Before taking a plunge to meet someone you met on a dating website or app, make sure your roommate or friend know about it. Let them know where are you going and what are you doing. You can also think to put up a quick text message in a group so that several people can know about it. of course, it does not have to be a family group.

This way a lot of people would know about your whereabouts. Sharing location is not a bad idea too. This comes in handy in terms of safety.

How about meeting in a public place?

When you are meeting someone for the first time through a dating app, make sure it’s a public place. It seems intuitive – if you have people around, you can get some help if the need be. Do not let the date pick you up and schedule a visit at a public place.


In a nutshell, movie theatres, coffee shops and restaurants make for an ideal place to meet the person at least for initial days. Given that you do not know what kind of a guy is using the dating app, visiting his house is the last thing you should even think. It is always good that you walk to and back to the place yourself.

It is often that you think of meeting a guy in a bar. The idea is not at all bad but if you are of legal drinking age, it is important to ensure you are in control. Guard your drink and stick to a drink or two if you have to drive yourself.

While it might not sound great an option, but it is safe – meet the person at your apartment or house when your friends or roommates are around.  No matter which dating app or website are you using, inviting someone to your home for some wine, conversation and music is not at all a bad idea.

This way you will feel more comfortable in meeting a stranger. Do keep the door of the room you are sitting open so that the roommates can hear you in case you are not comfortable with the guy.

Don’t get attached

It often happens that we get attached to a person over a while. the more you talk, the more you explore and understand each other. Being in stay with each for long durations and talking and discussing your routine and life brings you close to the other person.

However, do remember that reality is far different from the perceptions being formed through dating websites and apps. The key is not to get attracted and captivating by the profile of the person. Profiles over dating website can be deceiving and create fantasies and that is not a good idea at all.

These are quick and easy steps to follow to stay safe and secure while using online dating websites and apps.

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