The first date sets the mood and proposes the type of relationship you’re looking for. Is it a casual fling, or something more? Are you looking for a deep relationship or a good time?

The way you approach a girl on a first date says a lot about your personality and how you approach life. So if you are looking for a second date, these are few simple things you can do to impress her.

Show Up

At first, it may seem a bit strange, but the simple idea of showing up just goes beyond being physically present.  Always remember every girl wants her date to be on time. In today`s information age, however, showing up means also being mentally present for the date.

Phones should be silent or switch off, texts ignored and iPad left at home. Your attention should be right there for the date so that the girl can feel special.

Bring her somewhere amazing and new to eat

When you bring a girl to eat somewhere it shows who you are and what your lifestyle is. There are so many restaurants out there to help you to surprise a girl and let her understand that you are an interesting and inspiring person. The dull or overrated environment won’t help you two feel comfortable. If you’re going out for lunch, which is a great way to bond, you should choose a place that has a lot of stimulation but isn’t too loud.

While you surely want to hear each other speak, you don’t want to sit in whole silence. In other words, don’t take her to a much-crowed place.


Ask her interesting questions

The worst thing you can do on a first date is to speak too much about yourself. Don’t give too much private information, especially if it causes negativity. There are moments where you can reveal the darker aspects of your life. A first date usually isn’t relevant for that. Keep the mood bright and funny.

Sometimes it’s a bit difficult to come up with the topics to talk about with a girl. Make sure to make conversation is an equal exchange. If you’re successful, words will flow easily, but it might be helpful to have a few questions planned just in case. Here are a few icebreaker questions for a first date:

  • What excites you and what is your biggest passion?
  • What do you wish to do on your off days?
  • Ask her about the best place she visited?
  • Did she love travelling?
  • Ask about her hobbies, likes and dislikes

Do some fun or activity together

Fun activities might be going to a museum, carnival, art studio, walking through a park, going to the beach or attending a music concert. You both can go to a bowling alley or entertain parks also. You don’t want to get or give a wrong impression of yourselves or do anything which you’ll regret in future. Make sure to come up with a different or unique date idea and surprise her, she will enjoy that!


Do not go to the movies

Meeting in a movie theatre not only prevents you from getting to know a girl, but it can also feel awkward for various reasons. First of all, the movie genre you choose might be too heavy or too friendly for a first date. Comedy might be too crude, and romantic might be too stupid. Let’s be fair, neither of you is giving attention to the movie because most of the time you both will think about where to place your hands and how to maintain physical distance. Make movies plans only after the fourth or fifth date.

Be Open

A first date is a time of discovered and learns new things about each other.  While it’s good to maintain your own beliefs and opinions, it is very important to hear what others say. One of the worst mistakes a man can make on a date is to speak badly about something and later finds out that she likes that thing.

For example, imagine you going to a restaurant with your date and start making fun of people eating vegetarian food. At the time of ordering food, you got to know that your date is vegetarian, now you can easily understand that maybe this is your first and last date with her.

Be confident and have a plan for a great date

Even if you don’t feel positive, you need to act like you’re a confident person. The more you do this, the more you’ll become confident and attractive. Men and women are both excited to have confident people who feel good about themselves and know their worth.


Give yourself a pep talk before the visit, make sure you make an attempt to look and feel your best, and recall yourself of all the reasons why you’re awesome—because you are.

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