Food Myths During Pregnancy

When I was pregnant, lots of advice come through me as like- don’t eat pineapple, don’t eat too much, don’t eat deli meat, eat for two persons and so on. Sometimes I felt like I could eat nothing!

It happens to every pregnant woman in subcontinent countries. But in today’s conscious digital world we should know what is right or wrong. Some Myths of food habit you can face

Myth 1: Never eat pineapple and papaya because these cause miscarriage

There are misconceptions of having a miscarriage by eating fruits like pineapple, papaya, green banana etc. But in reality, there is no such evidence scientifically that these fruits can cause miscarriage. Miscarriage occurs for some exceptional medical complexities, genetic factors and accidents, fruits do not affect miscarriage.


A good diet is necessary for the pregnant lady like protein, carbohydrate, fat and fibre.

Myth 2:  Eat for two persons

Almost all future moms hear that. There is no such condition of eating too much in pregnancy. Imbalanced and intake of too much food may cause danger to you and newborn baby’s health. The excess weight of pregnant mom is risky for delivery and both of them.

So beware of excess eating, sugar, salt and oil. Eat a balanced diet as; take the oatmeal & fresh fruits for breakfast.

Myth 3: Eat a little for ease of normal delivery

This is a reverse myth of myth 2 and also is not true. It is said to have a balanced diet to give birth to a healthy baby. According to your appetite and the condition of the health keep taking the correct amount of food.

You can never be overweight by eating the proper amount of food according to your body. So eat as per need and diet.


Myth 4: Full cream is more nutritious

It is believed that full cream is of greater value than low fat. But there is no such evidence of it. Low calorie and low-fat food are good for pregnancy and breastfeeding mom. The high fat or high-calorie full cream can cause a stomach sensitivity problem to a future mom.

Myth 5: Slightly a cup of high caffeinated coffee doesn’t make any differences

Most habituated mom drink high acid and caffeinated coffee daily. Caffeine is an unfavorable element for the baby in the womb. So during pregnancy, it is better to avoid this. But those who are more likely to live with the coffee can drink organic or decaf coffee.

The low acid coffee can reduce the risk but can drink just one cup of coffee. Caffeine directly flows to the baby through the placenta, which is harmful to the baby. On the other hand, it creates, sleeplessness, anxiety, stomach upset and so on.

Myth 6: Taking folic acid after conception

Most of the women do it knowingly or unknowingly. Folic acid is an element that is used to lessen the risk of fetal development. It needs to be taken before the conception as mostly we are unknown to the fact time of conception. Till then, the fetus would be around 3 weeks old and grown. So you have to take folic acid from the time you are trying to get pregnant.


Myth 7: Doctor saying “you are gaining weight slightly more” means that you reduce eating

Many of the pregnant ladies experience this. A doctor may say this for stopping the uneven weight gain because of unhealthy food habit. That doesn’t mean that you reduce your eating. Every woman is unique in terms of all tendencies of pregnancy. That occurs for weight too. Weight gain for every woman is different.

Some gain in first stages and some in the last stages of pregnancy. The pregnant mom who gains more weight in the first trimester can eventually lose weight in the last stages. So always follow your style of body. As long as you are taking healthy food, low calories food, plenty of water; the weight gain is ok.

Myth 8: Light-colored food affects in fair baby

You can hear that too, an illogical myth. There are no pieces of evidence of that. The color of the food doesn’t affect the baby. Many are seen that they avoid certain foods of dark-colored and thus they stay away from necessary food elements.


Now please have a look actually what types of foods to be avoided for pregnancy

Raw or uncooked or half-cooked meat or fish: Eating raw or uncooked meat/fish can have the risk of getting an infection from several bacteria or parasites. These can endanger your baby’s health creating malformation, neurological problems, less immunity or blindness. So always eat fully cooked meat/fish.

Mercury Fish: Shark, Swordfish, King mackerel, Tuna are high mercury fish. Mercury is a very high toxic element. It is completely harmful to the development of the baby, its kidney and nervous system. And it has no safe level, so just stop eating these during pregnancy.


Unpasteurized or raw milk and Juice: Any unpasteurized beverages are harmful to both to be mom and babies. These produce harmful bacteria that threaten the health of mom and baby by contamination.

Smoking & alcohol: In pregnancy, pregnant ladies are advised to avoid alcohol and smoking completely to ensure proper development. These can cause developmental problems, heart defects and deformation etc.

Unwashed or unpeeled substances: sometimes we eat some fruit and vegetable without peeling or washing properly. These include contaminated bacteria and parasites so always try to eat fruit or vegetable by peeling clearly and washing properly.


To conclude, just eat a proper diet during pregnancy, stay away from any types of raw foods or contaminated foods and harmful habit. Thus this results in a good and sound healthy baby and mom.

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