Career Choices for Female in India

Women in India has proved to the world that they do not only belong to the kitchen but can also perform in any job provided they are given a chance and the opportunity. Though in India, there are still biases in every sector regarding women, there are many women who are leaving those biases behind and achieving what they aim for.

Earlier the doors of most of the challenging jobs were not open widely for women. However, with the sheer determination of the women, the entries for most of the careers which were earlier only for men have now opened for women as well.

The biases in remuneration, respect, and others are also decreasing, and the women are given an equal platform with every passing day. If you are looking for career options that you can pursue being a woman then here are six such career choices for you.

Banking and Financial Consultant

If you are interested in the financial sector, then you can enter the government or private banking sector or the financial companies providing consultancy services.


For joining the banking sector under government, you need to clear the banking exams conducted by the centre or individual banking entrances like SBI PO, etc.

If you have done your graduation or post-graduation in finance, economics, CA, CFA, you can enter the private financial companies as well.

Remuneration in financial jobs is one of the highest in India. One woman’s name which shines brightly in the banking and financial sector is Chanda Kochhar, Former CEO and MD of ICICI Bank who took the institution to another level of success.

Journalism or Public Relation

If you follow news channels, then you must hear of one woman who has taken over this media and journalism industry and that is Barkha Dutt. Women have always been in this industry, but recently they have gained immense importance in this sector and people valuing their skills.

If you are good at communication skills, corporate and social relationship and can live up to challenges regularly, this field is waiting for you.

Medicine or Nursing

Though being a doctor may be a dream of many women but pursuing this career needs a lot of potential and determination. However, this field has always opened its arm for women practitioners, and there is no bias as such.

Nursing has always been a career dominated by women, and recently there are male counterparts who are joining this field as well. So, if you love to serve people, this career is just right for you.


Just remember the last Commonwealth Games or the Olympics the number of Indian women who earned medals – gold, silver, and others are more than the number of men who won them. Earlier this field was dominated by men, but in recent times, a woman such as PV Sindhu, Saina Nehwal, Mary Kom has proven several times that the time has come when this field no longer only belongs to the men.

If you are passionate about any sports, do not give up thinking about whether a career can be made out of it or not. If you put all your efforts, a great career can be built in this field as well.


Whether it is interior designing or fashion, women are making marks in all the domains of designing. Women are always believed to be creative, and now they are in the limelight with the portrayal of their skills and talents.


For becoming a designer, you need skills/expertise and creativity, and for being in the professional space, a graduate diploma or degree can help you better.There are institutes like INIFD and others which offers designing courses to hone your skills and talent.


If women have to convince you for something, they will do it anyhow. If you possess the same skill with which you can persuade people then the sales and marketing sector is awaiting you.


Selling products need people skills and women are like god gifted in this. They know how to persuade people by recognizing their likings and dislikes.Women love to communicate with lots of people and socialize which make it easier for them to sell their products and meet their target.


Women have aimed the sky and won it, and at recent times barring a few careers, women are accepted in every field. Be it defence, air force, engineering or finance, women are flourishing in every sector with bright colours.

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