Tips to Follow When You Join Your First Job

Starting your first job brings in an envelope filled with mixed feelings of excitement and nervousness. Since you don’t know anyone, you’re not aware of how the system works, what exactly are you supposed to do and what has expected out you?

On the other hand, people in the organization don’t know you and you’re a fresh face for them too. This leaves you with huge scope to win their trust with your positive attitude, work ethic and commitment. And since you are a newbie, be sure that you won’t be judged. Instead, you can confidently ask for all the support or guidance you need without hesitating a bit.

This holds especially true since most of the people surrounding you will either themselves be in your shoes or they would have experienced this situation at some point. So in all likelihood, they will understand you and give you benefits of doubt without expecting perfection in your work right from the beginning.

Even with so much goodwill backing you up, there will inevitably be situations when you feel under the sun with bounces of feeling low on confidence and high on self-doubt. You might also get off-track with so many changes happening around and start taking your work for granted only to feel resentful later.


So here are some great tips to make a rock-solid entry into your first job and let the world know, you mean business!

Be Confident and Believe in Yourself

Be confident and believe in yourself that if you have reached here, it’s because you deserve it. Remember this and don’t let anything or anyone shake your belief. Know that if you believe in yourself, others will believe in you too.

Build Engagement and Stay Engaged

Having made the above point, it is equally important to note that no matter how smart you’re, you can’t do it all alone. It’s always better to work together and learn from one another. Building connections and staying productively engaged is a crucial step for doing that. It helps boost creativity and build trust.


It is that time in your career when you should volunteer and take up as many projects as possible. Since you’re new, so neither the expectations nor the accountability will be too high. So make the most of this opportunity and go for it. Experiment as much as possible, stretch your limits. The more you will try, the better it is going to be for you in the sense that it will place you in a much better position to decide what more, what next you can do.

Be Honest and Speak Your Mind

Don’t be hesitant in expressing your thoughts freely on work matters. Being new to a job environment, you might doubt yourself even when there’s absolutely no reason to do so. So be honest and speak your mind freely.

Keep Yourself Well Aware

Staying aware and having a learner’s mindset is one of the best qualities for having a growth mindset. Growth mindset empowers you to stay forward by knowing what’s happening and what’s not in your area of work. Keep yourself open to learn, unlearn and relearn- always.

Avoid Getting into Office Politics

Keep your calm and stay focused on your work. As with any proposition involving two or more people, a little fuss and confusion are only expected. But, if you really want to stay sorted then the best way is to stay focused on your work and ignore getting into any office politics.

Be proactive

Rather than waiting for work to be assigned to you, be vigilant and alert about understanding the business processes, your domain and be proactive to reach out. Wherever you see that you can make a contribution, nominate yourself or volunteer and put yourself to action. This will only help you learn more, engage more, become more responsible and visible in your professional circuit.

Be Patient and Take it Easy

It is going to be a very dynamic and transformational phase of your life. So while you are all set to put in the hours and hard work, please be patient with yourself and take it easy.


Last but not least, don’t wait for anyone else to hold your hand. You hold your own hand and take yourself through this phase and happily so. And as you begin this new exciting journey, don’t forget to have fun. You got this!

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