Love is the greatest gift one can ever get

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It is that time of the year when many couples find themselves on the edge and feel pressure on their wallet. We all want to express and shower love on the loved ones. While holidaying in Paris seems to be a great idea, chances are that your pocket might not allow you to do so.

If you have a limited budget and still want to surprise your loved ones in a very wonderful way, here are some cute ideas that will make your partner feel special without having to spend a whopping amount of money.

So, read on and explore the world of the ideas to make this Valentine’s Day memorable.

Prepare the first meal of the day – Breakfast!

Surprise your other half with his or her favorite breakfast. What a great start of the morning it can be! You don’t have to spend long hours preparing a meal, just cook something easy. You can get bonus points if you make a dish in a heart shape.

Balloons with a note filled with love

One of the most adorable ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day is by covering the room with different types of balloons filled with handwritten notes. You can spread these balloons all over the room.

ValentinesdayballoonsIn the first look, these balloons should look like simple balloons but when they start popping up with your handwritten love notes it makes your partner really happy and surprised

Write the lyrics of a song as an ode to your loved one

Even if you are not good at writing, it is considered as a creative idea for Valentine’s Day surprise. Let your significant other know what he or she means to you. Well, you can also have a gala time together laughing about the song.

Collage an evergreen gift!

This is something the recipient cherishes the most. It will remind your partner about the moments you spent together. Nothing can define the beauty and milestones of your relationship than a collage of different photos. Get a picture frame, canvas or poster board, and cover it with photographs. This valentine gift will be the one which your partner remembers for years.

A simple coffee mug can come to your rescue

Use a coffee mug this Valentine’s Day to let your loved ones know how much you love and care for them.

ValentinedaygiftAll you need is paint markers and other decorating items to make the mug look attractive. Decorate the mug with a name, anniversary date and or a simple love note so that they can know how much you love them.

Hide little notes in different places

We all want to make Valentine’s Day special and fun-filled for whom we love the most. Hiding surprising notes or little gift in pockets, cars, home, drawer, lunch box, and coat, among others, can make their day. Spare out two minutes and imagine how exciting and thrilling it can be when your loved one find something unexpectedly.  Remember small things you do for each other often mean the most in a relationship.

A jar filled with future date-night ideas

If you guys have been in a relationship for the last many years then it might have lost its charm and fallen trap to the same routine. Redefining and reviving it is essential to keep the charm and excitement alive.

jarwithlovenotesNow, this is exactly when you can make the most of this idea. Fill a jar with ideas for date-night. When going on dates, it is often that people start following the same old routine. Add creativity to your relationship by thinking of some exciting ideas. Pick an idea from that jar one at a time, and make sure you do whatever it says – WHATEVER!!!


If you are running low on budget and have no money to spend on Valentine’s then the above-mentioned list can be of great help. Following any of the things in this list might require you to put in additional efforts and time but it is worth your relationship. It is not the money you spend that defines your relationship it is the small gestures that make your bond with your partner strong and lasting.

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