Feel Better and Have a Happy Period Week

Is it that time of the month when your periods try to slow you down, making you feel tired and drained out?

Is not it often that you find life more difficult than it has to be around this time but what if we bring in some ways to make life easy during periods. There are millions of women who handle their menstruation with the bare minimum resources, however, there are ways and items that can make your periods time a lot easier.

So here are 4 easy ways which can help you breeze through your periods easily.

Hot Water Bottle

Isn’t it a saviour? Cramps and pain are common during periods and the hot water bottle can do wonders. If you belong to this category then investing in a hot water bottle can help you deal with periods.

No longer you have to force yourself to deal with the cramps, place hot water bottle against the lower abdomen and you will experience a great respite from pain and cramps.

Period Tracker

When life hands you lemons, you prepare lemonade – says a famous phrase. However, what if your periods arrive without warning? Well, it can lead to spoiled underwear or even worse, a wardrobe malfunction? We know that monitoring period is tough, particularly when the only tool you have in mind.

This is exactly where you can count on the period tracker. It makes keeping a check on periods easier. All you have to do is enter the start date of your period and days it lasts for, and the program would track when your next period should arrive.


Period Underwear

If there is one thing that can actually make your period easier is period underwear. I personally recommend you to invest in a panty that helps you stay comfortable and confident.

Type of panty you wear makes a lot of difference to your periods. You don’t have to worry about bleed-through clothes if you have invested in leak-proof wear. Yes, you read that correctly, you just need to browse through the internet or visit a nearby lingerie store to know more about these panties and rest assured you can have stress free periods.


When the period arrives, they make our body wacky because of the symptoms that tag along. Cramps and bloating become difficult to deal with.

The sleeping pattern of some women gets affected by restlessness and discomfort. Lavender can save you from this situation.  If your period keeps you restless then the scent of lavender can relax your mind and body. Managing periods can be a pain for many women. Despite the kind of protection sanitary pads offer these days, there are many women who have a tough time during periods.

However, it does not have to be as hard as you think. Between the pain and the leaks, many women dread the return of period, however by simply following these tips you can make your periods easy, and sail through easily.

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